The Mid Week Road Race League is a local league involving other Herts running clubs.

This involves a series of 10k (or about) races each hosted by a different club in the league, which take place on weekday evenings from May to July. So it's a great way to race without taking up precious weekend time!

The races are free for any paid-up member and suitable for all abilities. The way the scoring works means that wherever you place in the field could help the overall team score, so there is a little bit of fun rivalry throughout the whole field. Plus there’s always a good buffet put on by the host club to look forward to afterwards. 

Details are sent out prior to each race about getting race numbers, location etc.

Please note that all runners must wear a Striders vest, so make sure you get your order in ahead of time if you don't have one already.

The Division 1 league fixtures for 2018 will be:

10th May - Chingford (6m)
24th May - St Albans (10k) (Host Race)
7th June - Trent Park (8k)
27th June - Stevenage (10k)

The Mob match below includes the clubs from all three leagues and is a standalone race with a trophy for the winning club. The league presentations will take place after the race.

12th July - Welwyn Garden City (10k)

The races start at 7.45pm with the exception of Chingford which starts at 7.30pm.

Register here for the 2018 season. 

See the MWRRL History page for details about the clubs performance in past years.

Full results are listed on the runherts website: