Club Championships

St Albans Striders Club Championships 2016/17

The club champs is an annual competition focused around league and other local races.

It runs from 1st Nov 2016 to 31st Oct 2017.

There are separate champs for men and women, with prizes for 1st to 3rd place.

Points can be gained by running in designated club champs races and also volunteering to help at Striders events. The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the year.

Why take part?

  • Participate in races with other Striders
  • Open to all abilities - participation can win over speed!
  • Track your progress in the monthly standings throughout the year
  • Prizes awarded at the Annual Dinner


Six 50 point races - 50 for points for 1st Strider across the line, 49 for 2nd etc with a minimum of 30 points. Your best results for up to six races out of eight will count towards your total score.

Other champs races - These are worth an additional 20 points towards your total score, wherever your finish, up to a maximum of six races (120 points).


Points are also available for helping out at relevant club champs events and any other Striders hosted events, e.g. St Albans Stampede. Volunteering is worth 20 points unless specified, for up to three events.

You can do as much or as little as you like, with the flexibility to run the races that suit you. Points are automatically accrued provided you race as a Strider.

Age Graded Competition 2016/17

The age graded competition is separated from the club champs, but piggy backs off a number of club champs races.

There are competitions for men and women. The aim is to gain the highest average age graded percentage for the races you take part in.

Runs from 1st Nov 2016 to 31st Oct 2017.

Age graded percentages are calculated using standard road race tables which compare your time against the world's best performance for that race distance.

Your age graded score is the ratio of the approximate world-record time for your age and gender divided by your actual time. The calculation is based on your age in years, not just your age category.

Why take part?

  • Gain recognition for performance relative to your age
  • Aim for a target percentage
  • Track your progress throughout the year
  • 1st Prize trophy awarded at the Annual Dinner


Age graded races - A number of the "50 point races" from the club champs form the races of the age graded competition, from 5k to Half Marathon.

To qualify for the age graded competition you must compete in at least three of these age graded races.

Your final score will be the average age graded percentage from your best three races. So the more you do, the better your chances.

Any qualifying races you enter will automatically count towards the age graded competition, provided you race as a Strider.


Date Description Event/ Location Race Points Volenteer Points Age Graded
3/12/16 Chiltern League XC - Luton (Wigmore Valley) 20
11/12/2016 Local Race - Festive 5 50 Yes
18/12/2016 Sunday League XC - Willan or Stevenage 20
08/01/2017 Herts County Cross Country Champs Hertford Heath 20
15/01/2016 Sunday League XC Watford 20
22/01/2016 Local Race Fred Hughes 10 20
28/01/2017 Southern Cross Country Champs Parliament Hill, London 50
11/02/2017 Chiltern League XC Milton Keynes (Campbell Park) 20
05/03/2017 Local Race - Berkhamstead Half Marathon 50 Yes
26/03/2017 Local Race - Sandy 10 20
11/05/2017 Mid Week Road Race League Race 1 - Royston 50
25/05/2017 Mid Week Road Race League Race 2 - St Albans 20 20 Yes
23/06/2017 Local Race Summer Solstice 10k 20
11/06/2017 Local Race - St Albans Half Marathon 20
15/06/2017 Mid Week Road Race League Race 3 - Trent Park 20
06/07/2017 Mid Week Road Race League Race 4 - Chingford 20
TBC (July?) Summer Handicap Summer Handicap 20
13/07/2017 Mid Week Road Race League Mob Match - Welwyn 20
27/07/2017 Relays - Fairlands Valley Relays (3k) 50
06/08/2017 Local Race - Bearbrook 10k 50 Yes
02/09/2017 Local Race - St Albans Stampede 30
07/09/2017 Autumn Handicap Autumn Handicap 20
27/09/2017 Local Race - Hatfield 5k Series Race 3 50 Yes
14/10/2017 Chiltern League XC - Oxford 20
22/10/2017 Local Race Great South Run 50 Yes

Club Champs 2016/17


Club Champs Age Graded 2016/17