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Cross Country Fixtures 2016/17



Saturday, 15 October, Chiltern League, Oxford

Saturday, 22 October, Southern Cross Country Relay, Wormwood Scrubs

Sunday, 23 October, Sunday League, Cheshunt



Saturday, 5 November, National Cross Country Relays, Mansfield

Saturday, 12 November, Chiltern League, Milton Keynes (Teardrop Lakes)

Sunday, 13 November, Sunday League, Grovelands



Saturday, 3 December, Chiltern League, Luton

Saturday, 10 December, Cross Country Masters & Inter Counties Championships, Oxford

Sunday, 18 December, Sunday League, Willian



Sunday, 8 January, Herts Champs, Haileybury College, Hertford Heath

Saturday, 14 January, Chiltern League, Keysoe

Sunday 15 January, Sunday League, Watford

Saturday, 28 January, Southern Champs, Parliament Hill



Saturday, 11 February, Chiltern League, Milton Keynes (Campbell Park) 

Sunday, 12 February, Sunday League, Royston

Sunday 19 February, Herts Vets Champs, Horsenden Hill

Saturday, 25 February, National Champs, Wollaton Park, Nottingham



Inter-counties Champs – date and venue TBC (usually on a Saturday at the start of the month in Birmingham)



For more details see our guide to 2016/17 Cross Country season: