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What is Run With Striders?
Fitter, Faster, Further
Our course is for runners who are new to Striders, currently running at least 5K distance,(preferably within 35 minutes or faster) who want to meet other runners of their level and pick up some ideas and tips to improve their running. It’s a gentle introduction to all the different aspects of the club. We help take the worry out of getting started by offering:
• Organised runs led by a group of experienced runners
• Different runs to suit different paces
• Activity and technical based speed/hill sessions
• A safe and sociable environment to run round our great city & countryside
• Additional weekend social runs, including a parkrun breakfast
• All this, and Free entry to St Albans Striders Solstice 10k race (23rd June), and Strider club membership until the end of the current year (March 2018) for only £48!
When are the courses?
Our next course starts on 9th May 2017 and will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 7-8pm, until 20th June. There will be a 1-week break, week commencing 29th May, to accommodate the May half-term holiday. The online application form is available here and the deadline for registration is midnight on Friday 30th April. Entries are now open, but we do have a limited number of places available.
Who is it for?
The course is for any runners already running at least 5K, at any pace, (to enable us to group effectively we do recommend that your 5k can be completed in 35 minutes) If you are interested in joining the club but apprehensive about 'turning up', would like to improve your running, or simply run in a sociable environment and make friends this course is perfect for you.
200 people have already joined St Albans Striders through previous courses, and our groups have varied from people who have just run their first 5K through to those who have been running for a long time. We cater for slower and speedy runners and we split into smaller groups accordingly.
Run with Striders Course Details
• 9th May to 20th June 2017 with a one-week break w/c 29th May, for half-term. Course finale the Summer Solstice 10k on Friday 23rd June
• 2 x 1 hour evening sessions per week (Tuesdays & Thursdays 7-8pm)
• Only £48 (includes Strider club membership until March 31st 2018 and free entry to Solstice 10k race, welcome drink and parkrun breakfast)
• Friendly Striders members volunteer to accompany your runs
• Runs around the beautiful Verulamium Park and surrounding area
• Progress at your own pace until you feel OK to try a run with our existing groups
• Training on warm-ups, cool-downs and stretching
For your own benefit, try to come along to all of the sessions. Lots of us struggle to leave work on time, find childcare or battle with delayed trains! Having said that, it’s much easier to get there if you put those sessions in your calendar now and let people know you have a commitment on those nights. You will receive an email before the course starts providing information on where to meet etc.
What will I need?
• Running trainers
• Comfortable running clothes
• Water for afterwards
How can I sign up?
Online registration is available here. Register by midnight on Friday 30th April, so we can organise groups at each level. Usually the courses fill up before the deadline, so don’t wait too long! We can’t accommodate people turning up without registering as we won't have enough run leaders to offer safe sessions.
On your registration form you will need to tell us how long it takes you to run 5K, along with some other information about your running and fitness, to help us provide appropriate sessions for you. If you don’t know your 5K time, you can take part in the local Parkrun in Verulamium Park on any Saturday at 9am (free but you need to register in advance) or time yourself round a route that you know to be 5K
If you have any questions about the course that are not covered here, please email the Run with Striders team .
If you want to come and join us before / without doing a Run With Striders course, here is a no-nonsense explanation of what goes on at our training sessions. We are a friendly running group, and new members come along every week, so there are always new faces. We welcome new people at any time throughout the year.
Track - Interval sessions organised by our coach.
This is where we all run for a few minutes and then rest for a few minutes. Everyone runs at their own speed, and can stop at any time, so don’t be frightened that it’s on the track, this is the easiest session to go to if you are not sure when you might need to stop!
Road Runs – different speeds and distances around St Albans
All road runs are led by members who volunteer and the runs being offered are announced at 7pm, so make sure you get there in good time. They are usually ‘described’ by speed in minutes per mile (i.e. 10 minute mile pace = 10 minutes to run a mile). The easiest option on offer is usually 5 miles at 10 minutes/mile pace and other runs on offer increase in distance and pace right up to 7 or 8 miles at 7 minutes/mile pace.
Road runs only, no use of the track
The structure is the same as for road runs on Tuesdays, but with a slower option of roughly 4 miles at 11minutes/mile on offer too.
We welcome new members to join us for a session to give us a try and see how you find it. If you decide you want to carry on running with us you’ll need to become a member - see more information on our membership page.